ATT Wireless Voicemail Instructions

Voice mail is your digital answering machine, and it comes free with your AT&T wireless service plan. AT&T's voicemail service allows you to personalize your greeting, review new messages, organize messages and many other easy-to-use features. AT&T voicemail is accessible through your mobile phone or a landline so you do not miss any important messages.

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Accessing Voicemail

Retrieving messages with AT&T's voicemail service is a cinch. It utilizes automated voice instructions to walk you through each option. To access your voicemail from your AT&T mobile device, press and hold the default voicemail number key "1." You will be instantly sent to the AT&T voicemail main menu.

To enter voicemail from a landline or another telephone, you must first dial the wireless phone number. During the greeting, press the "*" key on the number pad. You will be asked for a password. The AT&T default password is your mobile phone number without the area code.

Messaging Options

From the Main Menu, press "1" to listen to your message. When you are finished, more options will become available. Press "7" to delete the message and move onto the next. If you want to save the message to review it again at another time, press "9."

AT&T also features a "Reply to Message" function. This will immediately call the sender. To use this function, press "8" on your keypad.

More options are available by pressing the "0" key. From the More Options menu, replay messages by pressing "4," get sender info by pressing "5," send a copy to another voicemail box by pressing "6" and return to the previous menu by pressing "0."

Change Password and Greeting

Chance your password or greeting by pressing and holding the number key "1" to enter into AT&T's voicemail main menu. These functions are located in the "Personal Options" menu, accessible by pressing the number "4."

The change password function is under the "Administrative Options" menu. You can get there by pressing the number "2." Once you are in the Administrative Options menu, press the number "1" to change your password.

From the Personal Options menu, press "3." To record a personal greeting, press "1" and then "3." To begin recording, press the "" key. Record your message and press "#" when you are finished. You will hear your greeting playback, if you are unsatisfied with the greeting, press the "" key to begin a new recording. If you are happy with the recording, press the "#" key.

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