20 Birthday Cakes That Were Clearly Made for a Geeky Kid

A Harry Potter cake

Every birthday needs a cake. It's not just a good idea, it's the law. A supermarket cake with flowers or balloons is good in a pinch, but with a little creativity, all of that flour, eggs, and sugar can be turned into some serious birthday magic.

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We found a slew of cakes that were not only filled with sweetness (and probably a little lard), but were also bursting with geeky personality in order to make someone's special day extra special. Check out 20 of our favorite cakes that were clearly made for a geeky kid.

1. An iPhone cake that gets important text messages

iphone birthday cake

Have a kid who keeps asking for an iPhone? Maggie Mudd's super-realistic version has got to be cheaper—or at least sweeter.

2. This iPad does not play Netflix

iPad birthday cake

Again with the pricey gadgets? If your budding Apple addict has set sights on something bigger, this iPad cake from The Cake Store can at least satisfy someone's sweet tooth. Just one complaint: Why aren't there any apps installed?

3. This cake belongs in the Lego Batman movie

Lego birthday cake

Everything is awesome about this incredibly detailed Cake It creation. That includes the flavor (a decadent mixture of chocolate mud cake and dark chocolate ganache) and the fact that under the covers, it's apparently made of Lego bricks. Sweet, delicious Lego bricks.

4. Eat this Mario cake before Bowser shows up

Mario birthday cake

Mama mia, there are certainly a lot of Super Mario cakes out there! However, this piece by Delectable Treats is definitely one of our favorites, mainly because it's so animated. And no wonder Mario seems so happy; look at all of that detail!

5. We'd eat this Dr. Seuss cake with a mouse. We'd eat it in a house.

Dr. Seuss birthday cake

You could not, would not want to miss, a super cake as awesome as this! Would you, could you eat this stack? It's an impressive collection from an unknown baking pack!

6. You can shoot this Nerf cake at us anytime

Nerf birthday cake

Made by Buddy's Home Bakery, this caked-out version of the Nerf N-Strike Elite Stryfe is a total blast.

7. A Harry Potter cake that includes an edible snitch

Harry Potter birthday cake

Debbie Does Cakes conjured up this Harry Potter collection for a very special birthday. It seems to have everything a wizard would want, including crazy detail on the wand and hat.

8. This Ghostbusters cake asks: "Is ectoplasm edible?"

Ghostbusters birthday cake

Forget a really big Twinkie; this unknown baker geeked up this cake by sliming it—in a good way.

9. Zeus's lightning bolt is yours with this Percy Jackson cake

Percy Jackson birthday cake

Most kids devour the Percy Jackson books well before middle school. We're guessing lucky little Haven did the same to this Sweet Little Morsels cake.

10. This Xbox cake won't RRoD

Xbox birthday cake

Instead of spending hours avoiding people to play Xbox One, you can have a family moment sharing a super-cool cake like this one, which was crafted by an unknown (but awesome) baker.

11. PlayStation 3 cake makes Dualshock delicious

Playstation 3 birthday cake

Not an Xbox fan? Debbie Does Cakes made this PS3 cake for two gamer brothers. She acknowledges that some of the details aren't exact because the brothers have different gaming interests. We forgive her because it's super shiny, it's got a Lord of the Rings game, and it's cake.

12. An AT-AT with more vulnerable legs than the real thing

Star Wars birthday cake

There are cakes commemorating pretty much every Star Wars character ever. However, none are as impressive or as three-dimensional as this AT-AT cake by Michelle Davis. She said the birthday boy actually spent time playing with the cake before cutting into it. Oh, like you wouldn't?

13. The best Big Hero 6 cake in all of San Fransokyo

Big Hero 6 birthday cake

If Baymax had been made out of flour and sugar, he would probably ask, "Are you satisfied with your cake?" That said, Catherine's Cakery seems to be a pretty good care provider.

14. There's some redstone in this Minecraft cake

Minecraft birthday cakes

There are other Minecraft cakes with characters and crazy details. However, we're partial to this one by Spudnuts because it perfectly depicts what a cake looks like inside the actual game.

15. Vision can lift Mjolnir out of this Superheroes cake

Superheroes birthday cake

The Avengers have assembled on this awesome cake! Featured on Cake This, it includes a clash of two superhero titans, Captain America and Thor.

16. The best World of Warcraft cake in all of Azeroth

World of Warcraft birthday cake

This geeky creation looks like it could break your jaw. However, that's just a testament to the killer skills of Aurora Cakes, who crafted this WoW human shield.

17. An Undertale cake that  Toriel would approve of

Undertale birthday cake

An unknown baker made some geeky girl very happy with this cheery, colorful Undertale cake, which is clearly food from the Pacifist route.

18. This is the Star Wars cake you're looking to eat

Star Wars birthday cake

Is this the droid you're looking for? While some see a red velvet version of R2-D2, Cool Gizmo Toys correctly pointed out that the masterpiece by Mark Joseph Cakes is actually an R2-A3. We can't imagine birthday boy Tres cared too much about the confusion.

19. A Dungeons & Dragons cake that rolled a 13

Dungeons & Dragons birthday cake

Classic geek interests never die. Apparently, they get made into cake—awesome cake. Reddit user Nateosis said that his sister made this masterpiece, which is completely edible.

20. This Transformer transforms into cake

Transformers birthday cake

This cake is more than meets the eye. That's because it's an Optimus Prime cake that transforms from a truck to a robot. The dad of this lucky kid posted a video that shows it in action, which includes a robotic Peter Cullen saying," At the end of this day, one shall stand, one shall fall."

There's even an online tutorial, in case you're adventurous enough to build your own.

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