Bluetooth TB-31 Instructions

By Derek King

TrueBlue is an electronics manufacturer that has developed several Bluetooth headsets. These headsets can connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device, most notably cell phones. The TB-31 is one of TrueBlue's signature headsets. Prior to using the TB-31, the headset must be paired with a cell phone. The phone must be set up to receive connections from peripheral devices, as well. Follow a simple set of instructions to pair the TB-31 to any Bluetooth-enabled phone.

Things You'll Need

  • TB-31 Bluetooth headset
  • Cell phone

Step 1

Access your cell phone's Bluetooth settings page. Set your phone's Bluetooth to "Listen," "Find" or "Discovery" mode. This mode allows the phone to search for nearby Bluetooth peripherals, such as the TB-31.

Step 2

Activate the TB-31's connection function. Press down on the headset's middle button for more than five seconds. The blue indicator light will begin flashing several times.

Step 3

Connect the TB-31 to the Bluetooth-enabled cell phone. The phone will display a list of nearby Bluetooth peripherals that are available to connect to. Navigate to the TB-31, which will be listed in the peripherals. Select the option on your phone titled "Pair," "Connect" or something similar.

Step 4

Select "OK," "Yes," or something similar to confirm connection to the Bluetooth headset.

Step 5

Test the TB-31's connection to the cell phone. Place a phone call to one of your contacts while the headset is attached to one of your ears. You will receive sound out of the headset upon completing the connection steps.