Bose SoundDock Troubleshooting

Your audio device receives powerful support from Bose SoundDock, but connectivity issues may cause the sound to become intermittent or inaudible. These handy speakers allows you to dock either your Apple or another brand's audio device. Once connected, listen to audio from your device through the Bose's more powerful speaker system. Docking an iOS device means you can charge your device as well as control it with the Bose SoundDock remote. Alternatively, connect a third-party audio device using a 3mm audio cable to use the SoundDock speakers.

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Device Won't Dock

Remove any case that's encompassing your device -- cases can prevent the device from fully connecting. Check that nothing is lodged or damaged inside the connector on the Apple device. Similarly, clear out the dock on the Bose SoundDock to ensure it's clean and free of dirt and debris. When you reconnect the device to the SoundDock, gently push it into place onto the connector to ensure a firm connection; a loose connection will result in the device not being recognized. Don't push too hard, though, as the connectors or dock may be damaged if something is interfering with the connection.

Audio Not Playing

If you're not hearing any audio through the Bose SoundDock, turn the volume up on your audio device as well as on the SoundDock. If the audio is turned down completely in both places, you won't hear anything. Check also that the Apple device isn't set to silent mode, which may also interfere with audio. If you've connected an Apple device for charging, but you want to listen to audio from another connected device, hold down the "Play" button on the remote control to listen to audio from the second audio device. If you're using the portable SoundDock, ensure the battery isn't low and that the power supply is connected properly.

Compatibility Issues

Verify that the Apple device you're connecting to the Bose SoundDock is a supported model; check the owner's manual that came with your SoundDock to see what Apple models your device supports. In addition, check that the software on your Apple device is current, as outdated versions of software can cause issues connecting to the Bose.

Device Doesn't Respond to Remote

Obstacles that block the remote control's access to the Bose SoundDock can prevent audio from playing. Remove any obstacles and point the remote control directly at the SoundDock. Check that the remote control is working by removing the battery cover from the back of the remote control. Ensure the battery is firmly seated in the remote and not loose; alternatively, the battery may need to be replaced.

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