Can You Search People on Facebook With Their Number?

Facebook is useful not only for staying in touch with faraway friends and family, but also for forging digital relationships with those you see in your daily life. The social networking program offers multiple options for finding the Facebook pages of people you know. One option is cross-referencing someone's mobile or home phone number to find her profile.

Facebook Search Options

Facebook affords you multiple options for searching other users and includes the ability to filter searches that yield too many results. For example, if you search for "John Doe," you can narrow down your results by searching only within certain schools or employer networks. A more precise means of searching is to cross-reference user-specific contact information. Two common examples include email address and phone numbers. Input a phone number directly into the Facebook "Search" box and click "Enter" to cross-reference it.

Cell Phone vs. Land Line

If you enter a friend's phone number into the Facebook "Search" box and your search comes up empty, it doesn't mean he isn't a Facebook user. For example, he may have only listed his cell phone or land line phone number. Enter all numbers you know for a user into the "Search" box and attempt cross-referencing the phone number before you jump to conclusions about whether or not he uses Facebook.

Privacy Settings

If you're not currently friends with someone on Facebook, her privacy settings may prevent you from seeing her phone number on her profile. This spills over into searching for individuals using a phone number; if a profile is set to show a phone number only to friends, Facebook's Search function won't pull it up. If you believe this may be the case, try searching for your friend using an email address or full name.

No Phone Number Listed

Of course, it isn't obligatory for users to list their numbers on Facebook -- and many don't. Another possible explanation for disappointing results after a phone number search is that your friend simply hasn't listed it in his profile. Confirm this once you become friends with him -- after having located him by alternate means -- by visiting his profile and clicking the "Info" tab. If you scroll down to the bottom of the information page without seeing a phone number, you know it is not listed.