Can You Send a YouTube Video to an iPhone?

If your friend has an Apple iPhone mobile device, you can share YouTube clips while she's away from her main computer. All iPhones ship with a YouTube application as a standard feature. You can send a YouTube video clip to the iPhone via email or text message, and the video will automatically open in the iPhone's YouTube app when your friend clicks the link.

Entertain a friend by sending a YouTube video to her iPhone.

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iPhone YouTube App

All new Apple iPhones come with a dedicated YouTube application installed as standard equipment, as of 2011. Apple devices can't handle videos encoded in the Flash format that YouTube uses on its main website, but the iPhone YouTube app transcodes the original video file into a format that's compatible with the iPhone. When you open a link to the YouTube video file, the iPhone recognizes the file as a YouTube video and automatically launches it in the YouTube application.


One way to send a YouTube video to an Apple iPhone is to email the video to an email account that the recipient can access on his iPhone. Launch your Web browser; go to and find the video that you want to send to the iPhone. Click the "Share" button below the video player. Click the "Email This Video" button. Type an email address that the recipient can access on his iPhone into the address input field. Enter a brief message to accompany the video link in the "Additional Notes" field. Click the "Send Email" button. The recipient can click on the YouTube video link in the email message to launch the video in the iPhone's YouTube application.

Text Message

Another method of sending a YouTube video to an iPhone is via a text message. To do this, click the "Share" button below the YouTube video that you want to send to the iPhone. Click inside the "Link to This Video" dialog box to highlight the Uniform Resource Locator address for the video clip. Copy the highlighted URL. Open a new text message on your cellphone or smartphone. Paste the link into the message and send it to the recipient's iPhone. When the recipient clicks the link in the text message, the iPhone will open the video in its YouTube app.

Social Network

YouTube allows you to share video clips on major social networking sites, including Facebook and Twitter. If the recipient has the Facebook Mobile or Twitter applications installed on the iPhone, you can send the video clip to the iPhone via the recipient's Facebook or Twitter account. Click "Share" under the YouTube video clip that you want to send. Click the "Share to Facebook" button. Click "Post to Friend's Wall" from the drop-down menu, and enter the name of your friend with the iPhone. Alternatively, click the "Share to Twitter" button and address the shared video to your friend by adding "@username" to the message. The recipient can now view the YouTube video on her iPhone Twitter or Facebook app.

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