Can You Use a DVR Without Cable or Satellite?

Cable and satellite users can use digital video recorder services such as TiVo without any special hardware. A person who uses an antenna to receive a television signal can still use a DVR if he purchases a recorder that contains a digital tuner.

Get a Model for an Antenna

Some DVRs rely on cable or satellite transmissions and cannot record signals from the antenna. Such models usually come directly from a cable or satellite provider.

DVR and the Digital Switch

You want a DVR model with a digital tuner, which allows you to pick up signals from old antennas without the need for a digital converter box.

Quality of Video

The quality of a video for a DVR hooked up for a television antenna depends on the quality of the signal received from the antenna. The DVR records what the television receives.

Download Videos from Your PC to Your DVR

TiVo DVRs allow a user to download content directly from the Internet. The user must include the TiVo box on his home network to use this feature. TiVo's website contains complete instructions on how to do this.

DVRs and Skipping Commercials

Some DVR users watch television shows 15 minutes to a half hour after the show starts to skip commercials during the program.