Cell Phone Technician Job Description

A cell phone technician carries out proper fault diagnosis to improve the quality of the phone. He also carries out repairs on mobile phones to improve the phones' productivity. The main services offered by a cell phone technician are making repairs and keeping customers informed about services provided by the company -- including warranties and after-sales services. He also provides advice and recommendations about phones.

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A cell phone technician is required to have an associate's degree or diploma in electronics. He also needs at least two years experience. He should have good knowledge of RF spectrum analyzers and RF network analyzers. He must have knowledge of cell phone systems such as GSM, EDGE, CDMA or WDMA.


A cell phone technician usually earns an hourly salary. This adds up to an average of $32,760 per year as of 2014, according to Salary List. The figure largely depends on the company you are working for, the level of experience and the location.

Responsibilities and Duties

The main duty of a cell phone technician is to attend to damaged or faulty phones brought in by customers. He diagnoses and repairs the phones, and informs the customers when the phones will be available for pickup.

Technical and Desirable Skills

A cell phone technician should have adequate exposure to RF amplifier development. He must demonstrate experience with power amplifier modules required for amplifier test and characterization. He must have good knowledge and experience with soldering equipment used for chip components. He must be proficient in computer skills and have knowledge of operating different types of mobile phones. He should have good oral and written communication skills so as to deal with customers well and provide high-quality customer service.

Job outlook

According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of cell phone technicians was expected to grow 13 per cent on average from 2008 to 2018. This is as a result of the continuous use and production of cell phones.

Working Conditions

A cell phone technician usually works in a well-lighted and comfortable office. This is because of the delicate parts in the mobile phone's interior. The office must have access to power as most of the repairs are done with the use of electricity. Most cell phone technicians work about 40 hours per week. Those who work for third parties are often away from their offices in the field, where they spend considerable amounts of time working at clients' locations.