Digital Wristwatch Instructions

By Greyson Ferguson

A digital wristwatch allows you to view the current time of day without reading the hands of a standard, analog watch. Most digital wristwatches have a few different options, such as a stopwatch and the ability to adjust the time display. Although there are dozens if not hundreds of different makes and models of digital wristwatches available for use, all function in essentially the same way.

Things You'll Need

  • Digital wristwatch

Step 1

Hold down the "Set" button on the side of the watch. The time on the watch begins to flash. This means it has entered the time adjustment mode.

Step 2

Push down the "Start/Stop" button and the hour time changes by one number. Continue pressing the button until you have reached the current hour time. Push "Set" to lock it into place and at the same time highlight the minute numbers. Hold down the "Start/Stop" button to adjust the minute time on your watch. Press "Set" once more to lock the entire time into place.

Step 3

Push "Set" after the time is locked into place and the month and date begins to flash. Push "Start" and the date begins to change. Once you have settled on the correct month press "Set" to lock it into place. The day of the month now begins to flash. Push "Start" again until the correct day of the month appears. Push "Set" once more to lock the day in place.

Step 4

Press the "Mode" button to switch through the different modes on the digital wristwatch. Depending on the watch you have there may be an alarm feature you can initiate in the same way as setting the time, or a stop watch feature.

Step 5

Push the "Stop/Start" button while in the stop watch mode and the watch timer starts. Push the button again to stop the time on the watch.

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