DIY HDTV Antenna Amplifier

By Kristan Hart

The farther an HDTV signal travels down cable lines, the more chance for distortion and loss of quality. You can reverse some of that signal loss, however, with an HDTV antenna amplifier. You can install the television antenna amplifier in the cable line and it will boost the signal, making sure the signal you receive at your high-definition television is as clean as it can be. When you want to boost your television signal, there are two types of HDTV antenna amplifiers to use: a pre-amplifier and a distribution amplifier.

Things You'll Need

  • Pre-amplifier
  • RG6 coax cables
  • U-bolt
  • 2 rubber boots
  • Distribution amp

Step 1

Screw one end of a short RG6 coax cable into your television antenna mast. The other end of that cable screws into the "Antenna In" input on your pre-amplifier.

Step 2

Mount your pre-amp to the mast of your television antenna to prevent signal quality loss during rain or wind. Screw a U-bolt to the mast of the television antenna with the pre-amplifier inside the "U" portion of the bolt. The U-bolt hugs the pre-amp to keep it in position on the HDTV antenna mast.

Step 3

Protect the pre-amp from moisture, if your TV antenna mast is outdoors, by installing rubber boots. Rubber boots are like rubber sleeves that you install over the areas where the RG6 coaxial cables connect to your pre-amplifier. Slide the first rubber boot over your pre-amp to cover the cable connection on the "Antenna In" side of your pre-amp. Slide a second rubber boot over the pre-amp as well. You will use this to cover the "Antenna Out" connection after you insert that cable.

Step 4

Insert a longer RG6 coax cable into the "Antenna Out" side of your pre-amplifier, then slide the second rubber boot in position to cover the connection.

Step 5

Run that RG6 coax cable into your house and connect it to the "Input" port on a distribution amplifier. The distribution amplifier will sit near the junction box in your home where all of your television cables meet. You'll find this junction box usually in the attic or in the crawl space of your home.

Step 6

Connect the distribution amplifier to your television junction box using another short RG6 cable. One end of the cable connects to the "Output" of your distribution amp and the other end of the cable connects to the "Input" of your junction box. The distribution amp boosts your HDTV signal just before it travels through the junction box to reach all of the televisions in your home.