Emerson TV Repair Tips

While your Emerson TV may normally operate in an effective matter, it’s conceivable that at some point it may fail to perform its duties to a satisfactory level. Coaxial cable problems, A/V cable connection issues, and harmful magnetization can all make their negative mark on your Emerson TV. Consider tackling the repairs yourself, because previous TV repair expertise is not necessary in order to fix your Emerson TV.

Using your remote to cycle through video inputs may fix some errors.

Power and Coaxial Cable Issues

Start with the simple possible fixes first before delving into the tougher endeavors. Check your Emerson TV’s power cord to simply see if it has become disconnected from the power source. Also, be sure to cast an eye on your coaxial cable. The coaxial cable plugs into the Emerson TV via the rear “ANT IN” slot. However, if the coaxial cable becomes loose at all, it will affect the quality of the display and cause static. Tighten the coaxial cable snugly in its port.

A/V Problems

Your Emerson TV may be lacking audio and video entirely, or it may only be outputting one or the other. There are two fixes for this, related to two common errors. First, grab your Emerson TV’s remote and hit the “Input” button at the top multiple times. This will cycle through the available video inputs for the Emerson TV. You may have had the wrong input selected accidentally, such as the one for the DVD player. This will reselect the correct video input for you to enjoy television programming via your cable or satellite receiver.

If, however, your Emerson TV still lacks audio or video, peruse your A/V cable prong-to-port connections and ensure they are correctly made. The A/V cable has one red, one yellow and one white prong on each of its ends, for a total of two of each color. Appropriately, there are red, white and yellow prongs on the back of your Emerson TV and the back of your cable or satellite box. Make sure the ports and prongs are matched up by color and have not been switched up.

Display Problems from Magnetization

Magnetization can harm the display of your Emerson TV. Magnetization usually occurs when an electronic device has been left sitting on the TV for too long. Remove the device in question and then set about to rid yourself of any display irregularities by using a magnetic coil (see “Resources”). Move this coil in circles in front of the screen patiently, making sure to cover the entire surface of the TV display. This should remove the display irregularities and demagnetize the set.