Free T-Mobile Reverse Phone Information

Reverse phone number searching allows someone who receives an unknown caller identify who called them. Some of the information that can be unveiled by a reverse number search includes approximate location, carrier and whether the caller used a cell phone or landline.

Harassing calls may be traced with a reverse search regardless of carrier.


Reverse searching for a T-Mobile phone number requires the same procedure as searching for details about callers from any provider.


Several free databases exist on the Internet where a caller’s number can be entered to gain more information about them. Search for the phrase “reverse number search” or “reverse number lookup” with your favorite search engine and you should find many free options from which to to choose. Simply enter the number and press search.


Although not freely available on the Internet, extra details like exact address may be available in a reverse search by paying a small fee. The exact service and price varies between phone number databases.