Free Ways to Retrieve Text Messages From Cell Phones

People send 4.1 billion messages a day. To capitalize on this, wireless providers have steadily increased the fees for sending and receiving SMS to increase their profits. It is possible to keep in touch with your friends and take advantage of free text messaging.

Sending text messages has become the preferred method of communication for millions of people

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Receive text as data

Most carriers now require data services so you can access the Internet from your phone. A person who wants to send you a text message can send that message to your phone's eail address and you will not be charged for it. Many carriers supply an email address that you can receive text messages to. For example, T-Mobile's free email address is "T-Mobile wireless phone number" Verison's is "Verizon wireless phone number"

E-Mail based text chatting

According to My Digital, if your phone is equipped with an Android operating system you have access to send and receive messages though the built in Gmail chat services built into the Gmail client called Google Talk. As long as the person you want to text is part of your Google address book you will be able to send and receive for free. Google Gmail accounts can also be integrated into iPhones and most other PDA type devices.

Download software

Many devices allow you to download software to personalize the device to your needs. There are multiple applications that have been developed that allow you to send and receive messages for free. For example, Teleflip, Gizmo SMS and TXT drop are all popular software downloads that give users access to free messaging.

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