GE 24991 Instructions

By Irene A. Blake

The GE 24991 is a universal remote control manufactured by Jasco Products. This basic unit enables the user to control a wide variety of electronic devices including televisions, cable and satellite receivers, and media players. Like other universal remotes, you must program it to work with your home or business entertainment equipment. Once you’ve programmed the device, you can use it to control most or all of the features on multiple devices.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 fresh AAA alkaline batteries
  • Device codes (optional)

Step 1

Turn your GE 24991 face down, locate the battery compartment cover, and press the tab on the cover to unlock it. Remove the cover. Insert two fresh AAA alkaline batteries in the compartment with the positive and negative terminals aligned with the "+" and "-" marks in the compartment. Reattach the cover.

Step 2

Power on the device you want to control with the GE 24991 using the original remote for that component; then press the “Setup/Shift” key on the 24991 until the red LED illuminates.

Step 3

Program the remote with a known code. Push the device key that you want to use with your electronic appliance. For example, push “TV” to program your television, “CBL/SAT” for your cable or satellite receiver, or “AUX/DVD” for other auxiliary devices such as a DVD player. Input the code for your device using the number keys on the remote. Wait for the LED to turn off and then press the “On/Off” key to verify that you are able to turn off the device using the code you just programmed into the GE 24991.

Step 4

Program the remote by searching for a code. Repeat Step 2 – push a device key, wait for the LED to blink once, and then push the “Chan +” or “On/Off” key to search for a code. Each time you push the key, the LED will blink. When the device changes channels or turns off, you’ve likely found the correct code. Push “Enter” to lock in the code.

Step 5

Repeat the programming procedure to program additional devices that you want to control with your universal remote.

Step 6

Use the GE 24991 as you would the original remote by pressing keys corresponding to the desired actions. For example, push the “Vol -” and “Vol +” keys to decrease or increase the volume; push “Setup/Shift” to perform secondary key functions. For example, push and release “Setup/Shift” and then press the “Info/Menu” key to access a device menu.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you don’t have a device code, refer to the JASCO 4-Digit Universal Remote Codes list. If you still can’t program the remote, contact the manufacturer or your cable or satellite service provider for a list of codes and further assistance.
  • Certain devices may not power on or off unless you press the device key first. For example, press “TV” and then the “On/Off” key.
  • If you are working with a combination device such as a TV with a built-in DVD player, program each component with a separate code.
  • The GE 24991 may not control all of the functions on a particular device. You may need to keep the original remote control nearby.
  • A code that allows you to use the universal remote to change a channel or turn off a device may not work for any other function. If this happens, search for a different code.
  • Never press keys on the GE 24991 when replacing batteries, as doing so will erase your custom programming. Also, taking longer than 10 minutes to replace the batteries can erase the programming.