Help With Programming a Vizio TV

Once you've unpacked and positioned your Vizio television set, and hooked it up to your over-the-air antenna, cable set-top box or satellite receiver, you can program the TV to add channels. If your set is Internet-enabled and you have a home Internet connection, you can also program the Vizio TV to connect to the Internet for video-on-demand services and to use the set's Web applications.

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Before Programming

Ensure you've connected the coaxial cable output lead from your over-the-air antenna to the antenna input jack on the rear of the Vizio TV set. To connect a cable set-top box or satellite receiver, use a High-Definition Multimedia Interface lead for a high-definition service. Otherwise use the composite or component video cables that came with the set-top box. Before programming, you will also need to insert batteries into the remote control handset to activate the device. Most Vizio TV sets include a wireless Internet adapter for connecting to your home Wi-Fi network. If you don't have Wi-Fi at home, run an Ethernet cable from a spare port on your router and plug it into the LAN port on the rear of the Vizio TV set.

On-Screen Setup

The first time you switch on the Vizio TV, the set automatically launches the on-screen setup menu and walks you through the installation and programming process. You can navigate through all menus by pressing the up and down keys on the remote control. To select an on-screen menu item, press the "Enter" key in the center of the remote control. You can go back to the menu at any time by pressing the "Menu" button on the remote control handset.

Connecting to the Internet

To program your Vizio TV to connect to the Internet, select "HDTV Settings" followed by "Network Menu" and "Network Connection." The Vizio automatically detects a hard-wired Ethernet connection and connects to the Internet. For wireless connections, select the name of your home network from the list of available wireless access points. When prompted, enter your network security password with the character keys on the remote control handset. This is the password you assigned when you originally setup the home network. The Vizio TV set connects to the Internet.

Programming TV Channels

For cable and satellite set-top box connections, you can access TV channels by pressing the "Input" key on the Vizio remote. Continue to press the "Input" button to scroll through each external input source until the output of the satellite receiver or cable box displays on the TV screen. Change channels with the satellite or cable remote control in the usual way. To access over-the-air channels from your connected TV antenna, access "TV" mode with the "Input" key. Select "Tuner" from the on-screen menu, and then highlight and select "Antenna" in the "Tuner Mode" field. Select and highlight "Auto Channel Scan." The Vizio scans all available frequencies and adds found channels to the set's electronic program guide. To view channels, access them from the electronic program guide function on the remote control handset.

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