Homemade Flat Screen Cleaner

Flat-screen monitors and TV’s are very popular these days, but they are expensive. Proper care must be given to ensure these appliances last a long time and are not damaged by commercial cleaning sprays. Typically, cleaning these appliances is as simple as cleaning any glass in your home. Precautions must be taken to avoid scratching and causing discolorations on your flat screen. Homemade cleaners are just as effective as commercial products and are inexpensive.

credit: Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images


The proper cloth is important when cleaning the dust from your flat screen. Never use paper towels, tissues or other scratchy materials. Using a lint-free, soft cloth is recommended such as an old, 100 percent cotton t-shirt, a chamois, microfiber cloth or a cloth diaper.

Turn the screen off, or unplug the power cord, if the screen is dark, you can see the dirt easier. Wipe the flat screen gently with a circular motion, ridding it of any dust or debris. If you feel there are dirty spots left, do not wipe harder or use any abrasive cloths. This can damage the pixels on the LCD screen.

Spray the cloth with a commercial flat screen cleaner, or make your own cleaning product mixing equal parts of white vinegar and distilled water. If you feel heavy duty cleaning is necessary, omit the water and just use the straight vinegar. Never spray the flat screen directly, according to the beststuff.com website. (see ref 1 bullet 2) Streams of liquid can get into your appliance and cause internal damage that would be expensive to repair. Never use any stronger chemical solutions to clean your monitor or TV screen. Ammonia, ethyl alcohol and other similar products may damage the screen or cause yellow discoloration to occur.

Dust your screen a couple of times a week to prevent buildup of dirt and to make it easier to clean weekly.