How Can I Make My Cell Phone Ring Louder?

By Kay Miranda

Cells phones come with a variety of ring tones and many more that can be downloaded. Even with the distinguishing tones, it is easy to miss a call if your phone is buried at the bottom of your purse. There are volume adjustments located right on every phone unit. Depending on where these are located, inadvertently turning the volume down can easily lead to frustration. There are also other ring tone settings you can download to increase the volume of your cell phone ring.

Step 1

Turn your phone on. When your phone is in power-saving mode, it will not respond to volume setting adjustments. Phones with numeric locks should be unlocked prior to adjusting the volume.

Step 2

Locate the volume control buttons. On most phone models, this is located on the upper left side of the phone.

Step 3

Press the "up" button. It may be indicated with an arrow. You will know you have the right button if a series of bars pops up on the screen. Press the button until you have increased the volume to your desired level. Have a friend call you to check the volume status.

Step 4

Customize each personalized ring tone by going into your "settings" section on the phone controls. This is found on the home screen. Select the individual ring tone, which should also have its own ring volume control. Adjust the volume up. Most phones will give you a sample of the tone and volume when adjusting in the settings section. Save settings and return to your main phone menu.

Tips & Warnings

  • Most cell phone companies as well as third-party distributors allow you to download different ring tones. For some people, the volume is not as important as the pitch of the tone. Elderly people who are losing their hearing may be losing the ability to hear higher pitches. Find a ring tone with lower pitches.