How Do I Get My RCA Guide Plus Gold to Turn Off?

RCA television sets are equipped with an on-screen programming feature called Guide Plus Gold, which is designed to work in tandem with a DVR or DVD recorder as an aid to recording shows. The guide can also be activated just to see what's coming on. Because the program grid obscures the shows on the TV, if the Guide Plus becomes stuck it is not possible to watch TV. Use the remote control and follow a few simple procedures to remove the guide from the TV screen.

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Use the remote control and a keypad sequence to remove the RCA Guide Plus Gold from the TV screen.


Press the "Menu" button on the remote control.


Use the down arrow key on the remote to highlight "Guide Plus+ Gold," then highlight "Setup" and press "Enter."


Highlight "Options," press "Enter" and select "Off." Press "Enter" once more to remove the Guide Plus+ Gold program grid from the TV screen.

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