How Do I Get Unbanned From Craigslist?

By Robert Schrader

Although it isn't possible to get an email address or IP address fornally unbanned on Craigslist, it possible to resume posting on Craigslist after you have been banned by registering an account with a different email address. If your IP address has been banned, use a Web proxy to temporarily adopt a new IP address that allows you to access the site. No matter the circumstances of your past banning, it's possible to continue posting to Craigslist indefinitely in the future.

Step 1

Open Craigslist. If you have been IP banned from the site, first visit a proxy site -- and FreeWebProxy are two examples -- and type "" into the URL field. Web proxies conceal your IP address and replace it with another, permitting you access even to sites that have previously banned you.

Step 2

Choose "My Account," then select "Sign Up for An Account." Enter your auxiliary email address, then the verification word and click "Create an Account."

Step 3

Open your email inbox and check for a message from Craigslist. Click the link within the message to activate your account if you are not IP banned. If you are, right-click on the code and select "Copy," then paste it in the proxy's "URL" field and click "Enter."

Step 4

Use the new Craigslist account to post whenever you want to make a posting. Remember always to use the proxy if you have previously been IP banned.

Tips & Warnings

  • Don't engage in the same kind of behavior that got you banned in the first place, if you were banned as a result of misconduct. Behaving in accordance to Craigslist's Terms of Use minimizes the chances of you losing privileges again.