How Do I Listen to My Net10 Voicemails From Another Phone?

By J. Anthony Cooley

Cellphones are a common part of daily life. Since many people carry their cellphones with them, cellphones are often the best way of reaching people. This makes retrieving the messages on a cell phone's voice mail especially important since more people are likely to call your cell phone than your home phone. Luckily, a dead Net10 cell phone battery does not necessarily mean you cannot listen to your voice mail messages. With the push of a button you can check your Net10 voice mail from any touch-tone phone.

Step 1

Call your phone number from the other phone. Stay on the line and let the Net10 phone ring until it transfers you to voice mail.

Step 2

Press the "*" button on the phone you are calling from as soon as the voice mail message starts, and then use the number pad from the phone you are on to type in the four-digit pass code to your Net10 voice mail.

Step 3

Listen to the commands of the voice mail menu and press "1" on the number pad of the phone you are calling from to listen to your Net10 voice mail messages.

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