How Do I Program an 800Mhz Uniden Bearcat BC700A Scanner?

By Benjamin Aries

Uniden's Bearcat BC700A is a scanner designed to be used either as a mobile or base unit, meaning that it works well in both desktop and vehicle installations. It features 50 channels and 12 bands, including air, marine and police. It can tune frequencies between 29 and 956 megahertz, and is easily programmed using its control panel keys.

Step 1

Turn the scanner on by rotating the volume knob clockwise. Adjust the volume to a comfortable level. Press one of the band keys to begin scanning frequencies. For example, press the key marked "Police" to cycle through the police radio band.

Step 2

Press the "Hold" key as soon as you find an interesting frequency. This locks the scanner onto the signal, and displays the exact frequency on the screen. Press the "Prog" button to enter programming mode. The "Ch" channel indicator begins blinking.

Step 3

Choose one of the bands and press the corresponding key. Each band can be programmed with a variety of favorite frequencies. For instance, if you want to program the frequency in the aircraft category, press "Air." If the frequency does not belong in any of the existing bands, press the "Private" key to save it to the custom band.

Step 4

Note the program number that appears on the screen. This digit indicates the next available program number for the selected frequency. If three air frequencies have already been programmed as favorites, for example, the screen displays "Air" and "4" to show that the current favorite is programmed in the fourth place. Press "Prog" to save the frequency.