How Do I Save Phone Contacts to a Micro SD?

By Jacob Stover

If you have a lot of contacts and you'd like to clear up some additional space on your phone, you can move your contacts from the phone's memory to your micro SD card. Moving your contacts is simple and should take only a few moments to learn and complete.

Step 1

Insert your micro SD card into your phone's memory card slot.

Step 2

Access your phone's main options menu and select "Settings."

Step 3

Select "Tools" from the "Settings" menu, then locate the "Memory" folder.

Step 4

Select "SD Card" or "Card Memory" from the "Memory" folder.

Step 5

Select "Options," then select "Format" to properly format the card for use with your phone.

Step 6

Open your contact list, then select "Settings" from the main contact list view.

Step 7

Select "Save" from the settings menu, then select "Memory Card" or "SD Card" under "Destination." Your contacts should now be saved to your micro SD card.

Tips & Warnings

  • These directions work for nearly every modern cell phone, but they may vary depending on your carrier and cell phone model. If these directions do not work for you, check with your operations manual or contact your carrier.