How do I See Where a Cell Phone Is at The Moment?

By Faizah Imani

Thanks to the power of technology, you can easily find out where your cell phone is located at the moment. This can be helpful when your phone is missing or stolen. It can also be helpful when you just want to check up on a family member to find out where he is located. All you need in order to track your cell phone is access to mobile GPS software.

Things You'll Need

  • GPS software

Step 1

Contact your mobile service provider to enable the "Family Locator" feature for the phone you want to track. The exact wording for this feature will vary by mobile service provider. You will generally be charged a monthly fee for the feature. Once the feature is enabled, however, you will be able to log into a website portal to see the exact location of the cell phone.

Step 2

Install a GPS tracking software application on your cell phone if you have the cell phone currently in your possession. You will also be provided with an online website portal that will allow you to pinpoint your phone's location. There are free and paid GPS tracking software applications available for your phone.

Step 3

Use a third-party program that is "manufacturer specific" to locate your lost phone. For example, with the iPhone you can use the sign-up for a Mobile Me account and use the "Find My iPhone" feature. For the BlackBerry, you can use "Berry Locator." For Android phones you can use "Mobile Defense." For Windows Mobile phones you can use "My Phone." Some of these third-party programs will require a fee.