How Do You Put French Accents on Facebook?

Add accents to French words you type on Facebook to properly type the language on the site. Writing a French word without the proper accent marks over letters that require them is akin to misspelling the word completely. Taking the extra few seconds to form accent marks on Facebook gives you more credibility from French-speaking friends who read your messages.

Type French words correctly into your Facebook posts.

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Sign in to your Facebook account. Navigate to the location on the site where you need to post a French message, be it a friend's wall or the main news feed.


Input the text of your message without accent marks. Go back through the message and delete each letter that requires an accent mark.


Use a combination of the "ALT" key and a sequence of numbers to form characters with accent marks. If you want to change "chateau" into "ch√Ęteau," for example, delete the "a" and with your cursor positioned between the "h" and the "t," hold down the "Alt" key and type "0226." A full list of French accent codes is available on the Penn State University website (see Resources).

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