How High Do You Mount a Flat-Screen TV?

By Kristan Hart

Flat-screen televisions mount easily to a wall for a clean, professional look. The challenge, however, is mounting the flat screen TV at a height that allows for comfortable TV viewing and looks appropriate in your room.

Aim for Eye Level

The most comfortable viewing for a flat-screen TV is when it sits at eye level. Sit or stand where you will watch your TV, and mount it so the center of the screen is the same height as your eyes.

TV Cabinet

Place your television cabinet, then mount your flat-screen TV so it sits centered in the TV cabinet.

Mount Over a Mantel

A popular mounting location for a flat-screen TV is on a fireplace over the mantel.

Support With Studs

There are four bolts in your flat-screen mounting bracket. Mount your TV so all four bolts sit inside a stud. This prevents your bracket from falling out of the wall over time.

Mount a Mock First

Cut out a piece of cardboard the same dimensions as your television. Attach the cardboard to the wall and make sure you like that location before you mount your flat-screen television.