How to Access Multimedia Mail Online Through Boost Mobile

By Matthew Fortuna

With the mixing of technology and media on cell phones, text messages now come in multimedia forms with pictures, sounds and videos attached. These multimedia messages can be accessed directly from your inbox on some cellular phones and networks, but not so with a number of other phones, including many Boost Mobile phones. These Boost Mobile multimedia messages and mail must be accessed online using a password sent in the text message. They can be accessed using either the Internet browser on your Boost Mobile phone or a computer.

Step 1

Open a text message or email that you received with a multimedia message. The text will include a password to view your file.

Step 2

Write down the password indicated in the text message.

Step 3

Navigate on your phone browser or computer's Internet browser to the following address:

Step 4

Enter your ten-digit wireless number and the password provided in the text message and select "Go" to view your multimedia message on the next page.

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