How to Activate a Boost Phone With No Activation Code

By Joshua Thomas

Boost Mobile offers three different options when activating a phone. You can activate a phone you purchased by calling the customer care hotline, by using the website or by utilizing the services at an authorized Boost dealer. If you purchased a phone that already has the SIM card, then you may not have an activation number. It is still possible to activate the phone through a dealer or by phone, but you cannot use the Internet activation option unless you purchase an activation kit.

Things You'll Need

  • SIM card number
  • IMEI number

Step 1

Locate the IMEI number on your phone by removing the battery and looking for the number near the bar code, on a sticker inside of the phone. You can find the SIM card number on the SIM card.

Step 2

Write down both numbers so they are readily available during the activation process.

Step 3

Call Boost customer care or visit an authorized dealer and let them know you wish to activate your phone and that you do not have an activation code. They will advise you of a $10 activation fee that you will have to pay unless you buy an activation kit.

Step 4

Complete the activation process by giving requested information, such as address and other personal information, and selecting a PIN for your account. Boost will activate the phone shortly after they receive all relevant payments.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you do not have a SIM card, you can purchase an activation kit that will contain an activation PIN and a SIM card.
  • Only Boost products will activate properly on the Boost network.