How to Activate a Cricket Phone

By Contributing Writer

Cricket is a wireless phone company that focuses on affordable calling plans without long-term contracts. According to Leap Wireless International, Cricket serves nearly 4 million customers across the United States as of January 2009. Currently, Cricket only offers service in 30 states. View the coverage map under Resources to see if Cricket is offered in your area. Cricket currently offers two phone models: the Cricket A100 and the Cricket EZ. Activating a Cricket phone is easy and should take no longer than five to 10 minutes. The steps below refer to these Cricket phone models.

Things You'll Need

  • Cricket phone chargerSeparate cell phone or land linePen and paper

Step 1

Charge your Cricket phone overnight by attaching the phone charger to your phone and plugging it into a nearby wall socket. The phone must be charged before you can activate it.

Step 2

Call Cricket at (800) 274-2538 and choose the option for activating a new phone. You will have to use a different cell phone or a land line since your Cricket phone is not yet activated. Be prepared to give your Social Security number to the Cricket representative to activate your phone. If you prefer not to use a Social Security number, you may use your driver's license number instead.

Step 3

Write down the information the Cricket representative will give you. She will give you a Cricket mobile directory number (MDN), which is your new cell phone number. You will also receive a 10-digit Cricket mobile identification number (MIN) and a 5-digit CDMA system ID number.

Step 4

Turn on your new cell phone by pressing the red "Power" button. Type *228 into the keypad and press "Send." A recorded message will come on your Cricket phone and you will be prompted to the enter the three numbers you wrote down in Step 3.

Step 5

Complete the voice prompts and hang up the phone. Your Cricket phone is now activated and you can begin using it.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can use several non-Cricket phones with Cricket phone service, but the process to activate these non-Cricket phones will vary based on the model type. The first step in activating these phones is to call Cricket at (800) 274-2538. Once your phone is activated, you can always reach Cricket customer service by dialing *611 on your new phone.