How to Activate a Go Phone

By Rob Davidson

A GoPhone is an AT&T prepaid, or "pay-as-you-go", cellular phone. AT&T lets you pick a calling plan and preload minutes either by using a credit card or checking account. In addition, customers can also prepay and select data and text messaging plans to accompany their calling plans. Users can prepay by the month or by the minute. Selecting, loading and activating a GoPhone is a fairly simple process, and can be done online. Below are step by step instructions to activate and enjoy your new GoPhone.

Things You'll Need

  • GoPhone
  • GoPhone calling card or pre paid plan
  • Credit card or checking account

Selecting and Activating a GoPhone

Step 1

Pick your phone. Select the appropriate AT&T GoPhone that fits your needs. There any many types of pay-as-you-go phones. Pick the one that best suits you. Look for features that interest you (mp3, camera, touch screen, games, etc.).

Step 2

Decide on your plan. Select either a monthly prepaid plan or a pay-as-you-go calling card for your GoPhone:$3 Unlimited Calling Plan: $3 fee only on days that you use your phone (only voice calls) allows for unlimited calling to any number nationwide.$1 Mobile to Mobile Plan: $1 fee only on days that you use your phone (only voice calls) with unlimited Mobile to Mobile for AT&T customers, 10¢ per minute otherwise.25c Simple Plan: 25¢ per minute flat rate$60 Unlimited Talk and Text Feature Package: This is an additional package that you have to manually purchase every month. If you select this at sign up, you are added to the Simple Plan by default.

Step 3

Activate your phone. Visit AT&T's wireless website to go through the step by step activation process. A link is provided in the Resource section below.

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