How to Activate a Virgin Mobile on Boost Unlimited

By Candice Abrams

Both Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile offer pay-as-you go and prepaid mobile plans. If you no longer like Virgin Mobile's services or prices, you can switch over to Boost Mobile. The Boost Unlimited plan costs $50 a month and includes unlimited calling, text messaging and mobile Web. Switching prepaid plans involves contacting the company and activating your phone. You should also collect some information about your phone beforehand to find out if it is compatible with the network.

Things You'll Need

  • ESN number

Step 1

Turn over your mobile phone. Remove the battery cover. Take out the battery and locate the ESN number. This should be inside the battery compartment. Write down the number and keep it nearby.

Step 2

Contact Boost Mobile at 866-402-7366. Ask the representative if your phone is compatible with the Boost Mobile network. Provide the ESN number, model number and manufacturer name of your mobile phone.

Step 3

Ask to have your phone activated to the network. Create an account with your full name, street address, telephone number and email address.

Step 4

Listen to the representative's instructions for activating your phone. The representative will also provide you with information on how to purchase minutes for your phone and how to keep track of your minutes.

Tips & Warnings

  • There is no activation fee for new customers.
  • You can purchase minutes online, at retail stores or supporting ATMs.