How to Activate an Old Sprint Cell Phone Online

By Michelle Varsallona

If something happens to your cell phone, sometimes you can't wait for a replacement or can't afford to buy a new one. But if you find an old Sprint phone lying around and have a current Sprint phone plan, you can reactivate the older phone and start using it right away. You don't even have to call customer service; you can activate it online using the Sprint website.

Step 1

Remove the battery from the phone you want to activate. Inside there are numbers you will need to use during the activation process.

Step 2

Go to the Sprint website and click "Activate a phone" on the right side of the website.

Step 3

Enter the phone number of the active Sprint cell phone you want to swap.

Step 4

Enter your email address on the "Email address" line. This is so you can be contacted if any issues occur with the activation process.

Step 5

Type the "Phone identifier" number, which can be any of the numbers under the battery.

Step 6

Type your Sprint account password.

Step 7

Click "Begin Chat" to start speaking with a customer service representative over the computer.

Step 8

Speak with the representative to confirm the swap, phone and personal information. The representative will complete the activation process for you and you will be able to begin using the older Sprint phone.