How to Add a Phone to My Already Existing Cricket Plan

By Michaele Curtis

Cricket Wireless is a discount mobile service that offers regional wireless service in certain areas of the United States. Although it doesn’t have the nationwide coverage or the more expensive phones that the larger mobile service providers have, many customers have found that the inexpensive service is worth it. If you already have a Cricket Wireless account and would like to add another phone line, the company makes it convenient by offering local service.

Step 1

Locate a convenient Cricket Wireless store in your area. Go into the store with a state-issued identification card.

Step 2

Explain to the Cricket Wireless representative that you want to add another phone to your existing plan. Pick out a phone in the store to use on your new phone line.

Step 3

Pay any fees associated with the new phone and the activation of the new line.

Tips & Warnings

  • You don’t have to buy a new Cricket Wireless handset to add a phone line to your account. If you already own a Cricket Wireless handset, just bring it with you to the store. The Cricket representative will activate it to your account. Fees may vary depending on the store.
  • Adding a phone line to an account is only available through postpaid Cricket Wireless. If you use the prepaid service, Cricket PAYGo, adding a phone line is not an option at this time. Each Cricket PAYGo line must go on a separate account.