How to Add Background Music to Photo CD

By Justin Wash

Many photo developers now offer to create a photo CD of your developed prints. These CDs will play in most DVD players, but are rather stale without background music to complete the slide show experience. Luckily, most computers now ship with simple video editing software that will allow you to add an audio track to your photo show.

Things You'll Need

  • CD burner
  • Video editing software
  • Music
  • Blank CD/DVD

Step 1

Put the photo CD in your computer's CD-ROM drive. Use photo software to import the photos from the CD or simply drag the files to your desktop or another folder.

Step 2

Open your video editing software. Most Apple computers ship with iMovie installed, and most Windows PCs ship with Microsoft's Moviemaker.

Step 3

Start a new project. The software will show a blank video editing screen and a time line at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4

Drag your photos into the time line of your video editor. The program will prompt you, asking how long to display the photos. Many slide shows will do fine with a five-second display time, but you may choose any length you like.

Step 5

Underneath the video time line, you will see the audio time line. To add audio to your slide show, simply drag an audio track to this area of the screen and it will be added to the video. You may shorten the audio track using the program's "scrubber" function to better suit the length of your movie or presentation.

Step 6

Export your finished project using the "File> Export ..." menu and follow any instructions specific to burning a video CD.

Step 7

Insert a blank CD or DVD into your computer's CD-ROM drive, and allow the program to burn your video. When it is finished, your CD may be played on most DVD players and computers.

Tips & Warnings

  • Your video software will likely include effects and filters for your photos and videos. Experiment with these settings to make your slide show unique.

References & Resources