How to Add Jpegs to an iPhone

By Whitney Elaine

The ability to carry around a sizable picture gallery wherever you go is one of the main benefits of investing in an iPhone. Transfer JPEG images to your phone with a few simple steps.

Step 1

Attach your USB cord to your computer and your phone. Your computer will automatically open iTunes on your computer and begin to sync information. Slide your finger across the phone's touch screen to cancel.

Step 2

Add photos to your computer. JPEGs that you would like to add to your phone need to be in your computer's photo folders first, so put them onto your computer by downloading from the Internet or using a USB port to transfer files.

Step 3

Prepare for sync. Go to iTunes and click "Devices." Your iPhone should appear in a list; click on the iPhone icon. Click the tab "Photos" and check the "Sync photos from:" square. Select "All photos and albums" or "Selected albums."

Step 4

Sync. Click the "Summary" tab in iTunes. Click the "Sync" button. Once the sync is complete, your photos should be in your "Photos" iPhone application.