How to Add New Songs to iTunes

By Techwalla Electronics Editor

There are several ways to add new songs to iTunes. You can import tracks from an audio CD, download songs from the iTunes Store or search your hard drive music files. Half the fun of digital music is expanding your library, so learn how to add new songs to iTunes.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer with iTunes

Import From a CD

Step 1

Open iTunes. Insert an audio or MP3 CD into your computer's disc drive.

Step 2

Click on the CD icon in the Source list. You should see a list of the CD's contents.

Step 3

Drag tracks to the Library in the Source list.

Download From the iTunes Store

Step 1

Open iTunes. Click "iTunes Store" from the Source list.

Step 2

Log in or sign up. Click the "Sign In" button in the top right and type in your email address and password. If you do not have an account yet, click "Create New Account."

Step 3

Search for songs. After you are logged in, type the name of an artist or song iton the search box. The iTunes Store will give you a list of results.

Step 4

Browse for songs. The front page of the iTunes store has links to new music, top ten downloads and popular genres. Click the links and images to browse.

Step 5

When you find a song you want to purchase, click the "Buy" button next to the track in the window below the information.

Step 6

Click the "Shopping Cart" in your Source list to review your order. Click "Buy Now" and enter your payment information.

Step 7

Wait for the download to complete. The download will begin automatically and the songs will be added to your library.

Add Files From Your Hard Drive

Step 1

Open iTunes. Click "File > Add to Library."

Step 2

Browse your hard drive for digital music. Look in folders such as My Music or My Received Files. When you see a file you'd like to add, select it and press "OK."

Step 3

Drag and drop files. You can also find files using My Computer or Windows Explorer. Keep the iTunes window open and locate a file. Then drag and drop it into the iTunes window.

Tips & Warnings

  • Keep all your downloaded music files in one folder so they are easier to find.
  • Be careful when downloading MP3s from places other than the iTunes Store. It could be illegal or contain a virus.