How to Adjust the Balance on an iPhone

By Derek King

Apple's iPhone includes music playback via iPod and iTunes functionality. Using the onboard memory, iPhone users can store and playback hundreds of songs. The iPod music application in the iPhone includes features such as Shake to Shuffle, Genius, and DJ mode. Additionally, the iPod application includes a music settings feature to adjust the audio balance of the iPod. Accessing the Audio settings allows you to customize the equalizer settings on the iPhone.

Step 1

Press the iPhone's "Home" button located on the bottom of the screen. If the iPhone is locked, tap or swipe your security combination to unlock the device.

Step 2

Refer to the list of application icons displayed on the iPhone. Tap the icon entitled "Settings."

Step 3

Open the iPod sound settings by tapping the "iPod" icon within the "Settings" pane. Select the "EQ" option to open the iPhone's equalizer settings. Choose a pre-configured sound setting from the list to automatically adjust the Equalizer.

Step 4

Choose the "Custom" Equalizer setting to create your own audio balance settings. Drag each individual audio slider up or down using your finger. Select "Save" after adjusting each audio setting to save the customized equalizer settings.

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