How to Back Up Contacts on a TracFone

By Catherine Northington

Losing a phone's contacts can happen to anyone. This mishap can result from not backing up contact information or the failure to do so properly. By following a quick and easy process, you will be able to preserve your contact information when using a prepaid TracFone mobile device.

Things You'll Need

  • TracFone (preferably Bluetooth-enabled)
  • An address book
  • A Mac address book (optional)

Use Bluetooth Connection or Manual Process

Step 1

Enable the Bluetooth connection on your TracFone by selecting "0ptions," "Bluetooth" and "Enable."

Step 2

Use the Bluetooth-enabled address book program if you are a Mac user. (If you are not Bluetooth-enabled or are not a Mac user, then skip ahead to step 6).

Step 3

Select the name(s) of the contacts in your address book whom you wish to transfer to your TracFone's contact listing.

Step 4

Select "Card" and "Send This Card."

Step 5

Send the contact information to your TracFone via the Bluetooth connection.

Step 6

If you do not have Bluetooth capabilities, then record your contacts manually either on paper or in a word processing document.