How to Block a Cell Phone Tracker

Many cell phones these days are capable of being tracked. If you have a cell phone with GPS, you may be unaware that your every step can be traced. Your cell phone will send out your location information to a cell phone tower, making it easy for you to be tracked. It doesn't mean that somebody is watching your every move. But if you bought your cell phone from a private dealer and you want to be on the safe side of things, you can buy a cell phone jammer to block the signal. These devices are about the size of a cell phone and can be carried with you everywhere you go.

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Shop around and find a cell phone jammer. It will stop most cell phones from sending signals to a cell phone tower. The more expensive ones block signals up to hundreds of feet away, while the cheaper ones block signals only up to a few meters. You can find links to buy jammers in the Resources section below.


Turn the cell phone jammer on when you are using your phone and want to jam the signal. You'll be able to turn it on with the flip of a switch on the sie of the device. Depending on how powerful your device is, you may be able to simply keep it in the same room you're in, or you may have to keep it close to the phone.


Deactivate your cell phone jammer when you don't need to use it. Do this by simply flipping the switch to "Off." Leaving it on could cause the jammer to interfere with other radio signals in the area.

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