How to Block a Phone Number From Texting Me on Boost Mobile Nextel

By Jill Lee

Boost Mobile's prepaid cellphone service features text messaging on most plans, including plans for users with Nextel phones that contain a Boost SIM card. If you're receiving harassing or unwanted text messages from a particular cellphone number, Boost Mobile allows you to block that number from texting you without interrupting other text messages. Blocking a number from texting you will also block any outgoing text messages to that number placed from your Nextel phone.

Step 1

Create a new text message and enter "9999" without the quotation marks for the phone number.

Step 2

Type the word "block" without the quotation marks. Space one time and enter the phone number with the area code. Do not enter spaces or hyphens in the phone number.

Step 3

Press "Send" to send the text message. You will receive an auto response from Boost Mobile confirming that text messages to and from the number you entered have been blocked.

Tips & Warnings

  • To unblock a number you have previously blocked, send a text to 9999 with the word "unblock" followed by a space, then the ten-digit phone number without spaces or hyphens.