How to Block a Phone Number on the Kyocera Loft

By Lee Tea

Whether you are receiving unwanted cellphone calls from debt collectors, telemarketers or even an ex who just won't take a hint, it is easy to block these pesky callers on your Virgin Mobile cellphone, such as the Kyocera Loft. Virgin Mobile allows its subscribers to block up to ten numbers without even having to dial the Virgin Mobile customer service center for assistance. In fact, this operation can be done right from your Kyocera Loft handset.

Things You'll Need

  • Virgin Mobile Kyocera Loft

Step 1

Power on your Virgin Mobile Kyocera Loft cellphone and wait for the main menu screen to appear.

Step 2

Navigate to the "Settings" icon and click it.

Step 3

Select the "Security" option.

Step 4

Enter your Kyocera Loft's four-digit lock code. This is usually the last four digits of your Virgin Mobile phone number, unless you've changed it.

Step 5

Choose "Selective Call Blocking" from the resulting list.

Step 6

Enter the number or numbers you wish to block from calling your Kyocera Loft cellphone, including the area codes, then select "Done." When you're finished, exit the menu by pressing the "End" key.

Tips & Warnings

  • To unblock a number, follow the same steps and simply delete the number from the list, then select "Done."

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