How to Block an Unwanted Call on AT&T Service

By Jennifer Elrod

AT&T is a phone company that offers cell phones, cell phone packages and wireless services. If you use AT&T as your provider, you have many calling features to choose from, one of which is call blocking. You have the option of blocking anywhere from one to 15 numbers. There is a small monthly fee for this service, but it may be well worth the money to keep a caller or callers from bothering you.

Things You'll Need

  • Cell phone
  • Computer with Internet access

Blocking Through Your Cell Phone

Step 1

Call 611 from your AT&T cell phone. This is a free call.

Step 2

Follow the voice prompts to purchase AT&T Smart Limits. There's a monthly fee for the service.

Step 3

Type in the number or numbers you wish to block from your phone--you can block as many as 15. Any numbers you enter will be blocked until you go back and unblock them.

Blocking Through Your AT&T Online Account

Step 1

Log in to your AT&T online account at If you don't have an online account, set one up. It takes only a few minutes, and it's a good way to keep up with all your account information.

Step 2

Search for the plan you have with AT&T. There should be a tab or section that say's "Features" somewhere on the page. Click here to add or remove features on your calling plan.

Step 3

Check the box to add AT&T Smart Limits. This will add the call block feature to your phone.

Step 4

Enter up to 15 numbers you wish to block from your cell phone.

Tips & Warnings

  • Remember that blocking a number doesn't prevent a caller from using another phone to try to contact you.