How to Block Certain Keywords in YouTube

By Christina Hadley

Block keywords during a YouTube search among millions of videos and save time searching. Excluding keywords may decrease the number of search results if the keywords you choose are associated with one or more videos. Gather ideas for which keywords you should omit by examining your initial search results. As long as videos were associated with descriptive keywords as they were uploaded, use of an advanced search operator can help you find the videos that best apply to your interests.

Step 1

Type the keyword that applies to the videos you are seeking in YouTube's search field.

Step 2

Place "allintitle:" at the beginning of a keyword to limit search results to those that are associated with YouTube video titles. This search operator allows you to block keywords that may reside in a video's description area.

Step 3

Exclude keywords that bring up undesired search results with the minus operator. For example, to omit dog breeds such as Boxer, Chihuahua and Pointer from YouTube search results, enter -boxer, -chihuahua and -pointer into the search field.

Step 4

Surround a series of keywords in quotation marks to search for a phrase and exclude results that do not share that exact order. Place the keywords, "German Shepherd" into YouTube's search field to exclude videos that apply to English Shepherds, for example.

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