How to Block Pictures on Facebook

By Michael Koyan

Facebook allows you to share various content with friends and strangers alike. If you do not feel comfortable sharing certain information, Facebook offers users the ability to customize privacy settings for each aspect of your profile. These settings allow you to block specific users or groups of people, or even specify only certain individuals who you want to have access to information. These settings are not permanent and may be altered as often as desired.

Things You'll Need

  • Facebook account

Block Your Photos

Step 1

Access your Facebook account and view the photo album for which you wish to change the privacy settings. In this view, the page should have the album's title at the top left corner, along with your name, the date the album was created and an "Edit Album" option.

Step 2

Select "Edit Album" from the link next to the date of the album's creation. This will open a small window that allows you to edit the album's name, description and privacy settings.

Step 3

Click on the pull down "Privacy" menu and select the desired option. This allows you to display the contents of that specific album to "Everyone," "Friends of Friends," "Friends Only" or customize who may see it. If you choose customize, you may block specific users from seeing your album's photos, or select exactly who has permission to view them.

Step 4

Click "Save" to apply your new privacy settings to your Facebook account.

Step 5

Repeat step 3 for additional albums that you wish to edit the privacy settings for.

Tips & Warnings

  • When signed into Facebook, an alternate method for accessing album privacy settings can be found by selecting "Privacy Settings" from the "Account" tab in the upper right corner of the page. From there, selecting "Customize Settings" from the "Custom" tab and choosing the option to "Edit privacy settings for existing photo albums and videos," will allow you to manage your albums in the same manner.
  • These settings do not control photos that you may have been tagged in. Tagged photos are treated as one large album and the privacy settings can be edited in the same manner as other albums. These options can be accessed on the "Customize Settings" page, in the "Things Others Share" section. Only the original person who uploaded a photo can control its full privacy setting. Even if you block someone from viewing your tagged photos he may still be able to access the pictures by looking at the original person's album, based on their privacy settings.