How to Block Your Caller ID Number on Verizon

By Andrew Smith

Your Verizon Wireless phone number will appear on the screen of any wireless or landline phone that has caller identification, or caller ID. You may not want your phone number to be known to the person you are calling, like if you are contacting a business or playing a prank on a friend. Typing in a special code before place the call using your Verizon phone will block your number from being displayed.

Step 1

Enter "*67" on your call screen. Make sure the star ("*") and "67" run right next to each other, with no spaces separating them.

Step 2

Type in the phone number you would like to call. Make sure there are no spaces between the "*67" value and the phone number ("i.e. *6715555555").

Step 3

Press "Send" on the phone. The number for your Verizon phone will be blocked if the person receiving it has caller ID.

Tips & Warnings

  • Verizon offers a per-line call-blocking service, in which all your outgoing calls are blocked. The company charges for this service. To unblock a call if you have this service, dial *82 before you enter the phone number.
  • Your number may not be blocked if you call some toll-free "800" numbers.
  • Blocking your Verizon Caller ID in order to harass somebody is illegal.

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