How to Boost Your Internal Wi-Fi Antenna in a Smart Phone

By Anthony Bonesarelli

Although your smartphone receives an Internet signal through a WiFi antenna, you cannot improve the reception by simply extending the length of the antenna with tin foil or other makeshift solutions. With some minor tweaks, however, you can improve the reception of your smartphone's WiFi. For large apps that require a steady Internet connection, such as games or streaming video, your mobile device's WiFi connection should be optimized to avoid interference and interruptions.

Step 1

Connect to a secure network. You may use your smartphone to connect to WiFi primarily in public places, but the high volume and traffic of these networks will greatly limit your ability to enjoy streaming video, audio, or online games. Secure connections prevent unauthorized users from leeching the bandwidth, which allows authorized users to enjoy a faster connection.

Step 2

Disable background apps and push notifications. Many apps on your smartphone are constantly active, running even when the phone's display is sleeping. By disabling the background functions of these apps, you can free up resources on your phone and reserve your bandwidth for other priority apps.

Step 3

Move closer to the physical location of the router. Many WiFi signals may have a long range, but your signal loses strength with every wall or object it has to pass through. Alternatively, you can move the router away from potential obstructions or interferences, such as entertainment center shelving, Internet-enabled television sets, or microwaves.