How to Build Your Own Flat Screen TV Stand

By Katherine Kally

Build your own flat screen TV stand to fit the scale and decor of your room. You can add a shelf for peripheral equipment or doors to hide DVDs and wiring. Stain your TV stand to coordinate with the wood tones in your room or paint it to blend into the walls. You can find everything you need to build your own flat screen TV stand at your local home improvement store. Ask nicely and they will cut the wood panels to size for you. These step-by-step instructions will help you build a 3-foot-long-by-18-inch-wide TV stand with one shelf.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 36x18x2-inch hardwood panels
  • 4 decorative table legs
  • 8 "L" brackets
  • Drill and small drill bit
  • Screwdriver and screws
  • Measuring tape

Step 1

Place your table legs horizontally on a flat surface. Attach an "L" bracket flush to the top of each leg. Set the bracket in place against the wood and mark the spots to insert the screws. Remove the bracket and drill pilot holes over the marks. Replace the brackets and attach them to the legs with screws.

Step 2

Measure 12 inches from the top of each leg and place another "L" bracket directly under the first one. Mark the screws, drill pilot holes and attach the bracket just as you did in Step 1.

Step 3

Place one of your hardwood panels face down on the edge of a flat table. You can adjust the measurements of the hardwood panels as needed to fit your room. Invert one of the table legs and rest the lower "L" bracket flush against the panel at one corner. Mark the spots for the screws, drill pilot holes and insert the screws to attach the table leg to the hardwood panel. Attach the lower "L" bracket of each table leg to each corner of the panel.

Step 4

Place the remaining hardwood panel face down on the flat work surface. Rest the top "L" brackets of the inverted table legs on top of the panel so that each bracket rests in the corners of the panel. Attach the screws as you did in Step 3.

Step 5

Finish your flat screen TV stand with stain, paint or clear polyurethane.

Tips & Warnings

  • Wear safety glasses and gloves when you work with wood.