How to Buy Music From the iTunes Store

By Techwalla Electronics Editor

Buying music from iTunes is a simple process that will keep your iTunes as unique as you are. Many users enjoy browsing through songs, while others know exactly what they are looking for. Either way, follow these steps and you will be able to add new songs to iTunes whenever you are ready for a change.

Step 1

In the "Source" pane, click on the iTunes Store.

Step 2

You can either browse by entering information into the search box or enter a specific title.

Step 3

Once you find your song, click the "Buy" button.

Step 4

Your song is now downloaded.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you do not have an iTunes account, select "Create Account" under "Store." You can then follow the directions on your screen to establish an Apple account.
  • When searching for a song, you may want to narrow your search. If so, type the information you would like to search for and then select the appropriate button on the search bar.
  • Before purchasing the song, you can double click on the title to receive more information and ensure you are buying the correct song.
  • Once you select "Buy," the credit card listed on your Apple account will be charged. Make sure you are certain about your purchase before selecting "Buy."