How to Call Voicemail From a Verizon Phone

By Jeffrey Kinsel

Voicemail is one of the most commonly used utilities on a Verizon phone. It enables others to leave messages if you're unavailable and allows you to manage those messages at a later time. Here's how to retrieve, delete and save a voicemail message on any Verizon phone, regardless of manufacturer

Step 1

Press *, then "86" and push "Send." Or hold down the "1" button until the screen reads "voicemail" and shows an icon of a cell phone. Or go to the "Messages" menu and scroll down to "voicemail," then select it. Push "Send" while in the "voicemail" menu to be connected to your voicemail.

Step 2

Enter your personal password using the number keys. A password will have been chosen for you when you set up your Verizon phone. Enter that password when you are prompted by the recording.

Step 3

Listen to any new or saved messages on your voicemail account.

Step 4

Use shortcut keys to delete or change voicemail messages. Press "1" to replay the message, "7" to delete it and "9" to save the message in a folder for later listening.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can change the settings in your voicemail by listening to all of the messages and waiting to be taken to the voicemail main menu.