How to Capture a Cell Phone Text Message

Text messaging, also known as SMS (Short Message Service), is the act of sending text-based information from one cell phone to another cell phone or from an email account to a cell phone. According to Nielsen Wire, a leading marketing and media information company, Americans send more text messages than make phone calls, with an average of 357 text messages per month compared to 204 phone calls in 2008. The ability to save text messages is increasingly desired due to the use of text messages for personal and professional communication.

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Options For Capturing Text Messages


Forward text messages to an email account. This method is available only if the phone has email capabilities. Each text message can be emailed separately, but this could be a time-consuming method if there are several text messages that need to be saved. Each text message can be copied and pasted into an email or several emails and sent to the desired email account.


Use software associated with the cell phone for downloading and saving text messages. If the cell phone does not come standard with this type of software, contact the cell phone provider to determine if the provider has this option available online. Some carriers allow its customers to access to software on its site that can be downloaded to a computer for this purpose. In order to use this method, the phone will need a USB plug that connects the phone to a computer or have Bluetooth wireless capabilities to connect the phone to the computer. Multiple messages can be downloaded simultaneously using this method.


Investigate software that permanently saves or archives text messages. Several programs exist for this purpose including Treasure My Text, Dashwire, Blackberry Converter and My Phone Explorer. Some of these services are free to use. A USB plug to connect the phone to the computer is needed to use this option.


Capture text messages and address book information using a SIM card reader. The SIM card, a subscriber identity module, is a portable memory chip found in most cell phones that records information inputted into the phone, including phone numbers, email messages and text messages.

To use a SIM card reader, take the SIM card from the cell phone and insert it in the reader. Connect the reader to a computer using a USB connector and transfers the files from the SIM card. Once the transfer occurs, editing, deleting and saving text messages can be managed from the computer.

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