How to Catch Someone Tapping Your Cell Phone

By KatherineF

Strange noises in the background. Unusual repairs that suddenly become necessary. Odd radio and TV interference. Do any of these sound familiar? If so, you may be a victim of cell-phone tapping, by which a person installs a listening device on your cell phone and listens in on your conversations. Wiretapping is a federal offense and carries severe consequences for those convicted of it. Catch and report whoever is responsible as quickly as possible to preserve your privacy and prevent him from tapping other cell phones.

Detect Wiretaps on a Cellphone

Step 1

Compile a list of evidence of suspected tapping on your cell phone. You will need to refer to this in communications with authorities. Take note if you detect excessive static in the background of your conversations, strange interference on your radio, or the installation of extra hardware on your phone.

Step 2

Contact your phone company, which will be able to conduct a free inspection. Once that is finished, a representative will contact you and inform you if any illegal wiretaps are present.

Step 3

Contact law enforcement. Report the information you relayed to your phone company, along with documentation, or provide contact information for the representative with whom you corresponded.

Step 4

Hire an attorney to represent your case in court. You will need to press charges in order to successfully convict someone of tapping your phone and avoid any potential accusations of privacy violation.

Step 5

Protect your phone from any future tapping by purchasing a tap detector. These devices are relatively inexpensive and can be found on a variety of websites.